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EMV Security

EMV Certified on TSYS & FDO Platform for the Z Line & VS Series of Products

Other Major Host Platforms Coming Soon!

Upgrade Options Available - Inquire Today!

Dejavoo EMV Certified Software Accommodates Tip Adjust - Click Here for FAQ



Secure Payment Integration

Designed to facilitate a fast and simple integration with 3rd party Payment Solutions such as Tablets, POS Systems, Restaurant Management Systems, PC’s, Kiosks, etc.

"Customer for life! I reached out to Lori from Dejavoo, with my problem; I have a POS developer that desperately needed an integrated EMV solution for his customer base. After reviewing the code, my ISV was able to quickly and easily develop the integration and we were able to deploy solutions to their customer base within 30 days. Also, no more waiting for file builds. Setting up the terminals is super easy, and we get to manage every feature to ensure our customers are getting exactly what they are looking for. Thanks Dejavoo!”        – Tom Cooley, GOCard Connect (ISO)

"I've worked with many different pin pads interfacing either through their serial port or by messaging with middleware that handled communications with the pin pad and SPIn was by far the simplest to implement. I was able to get a transaction successfully processed on iOS and Android in the space of a few hours."   – Sheldon Parkes, (POS Software Developer)

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DeNovo Business Portal

Information at Your Fingertips Anywhere You Can Access the Web. Time is Valuable – Spend Less Time Working and More Time Living. DeNovo Brings You the Greatest Value of All, Your Time. 

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