Introducing the All New “CALL ME" Feature

Your Merchant Pushes the F4 Button, The Support Desk Calls THEM!


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What Can Dejavoo Do For You?

Our new line of products, services and solutions are always a step ahead of the industry!


Dejavoo EMV Certified on TSYS Platform for Z Line and VS Line of Products

Dejavoo EMV Certified Software Accommodates Tip Adjust - Click Here for FAQ 






Self-Service Merchant Portal

Once again, Dejavoo Systems’ innovation and ingenuity supersedes any other terminal vendor by being more than just a provider for your terminal hardware, we bring you Merchant Portal.  Solutions that grow your business, grow your merchants business and increase merchant retention giving you that “Stickiness” that you have been searching for.  Look no further...   Learn More








Near Field Communication

NFC, or Near Field Communication is currently built into all of our terminals. What does this mean for you? Well, since the release of the new iPhone 6 and the upcoming release of apple pay, more and more people and companies will start to integrate this type of quick and easy payment into everything they do!
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