Dear Valued Dejavoo Customers:

Coming January 2021, we will be offering a new month to month 4G SIM program.  We listened to your requests and are excited to announce this new 4G SIM program.  Additionally, we will be releasing a new customer portal designed for resellers to manage these new SIM cards, including your ability to activate and deactivate the SIMs purchased from Dejavoo.  We will be providing full details of this new 4G SIM program and its management portal prior to launch.

Additionally, it is important to note, that due to the announcement that US wireless carriers are sunsetting 3G cellular networks, the Wireless Prepaid SIM program sold through Dejavoo Systems has been discontinued by the provider, effective 12/31/2021.

The current provider’s prepaid SIMs will work up and through the day of 12/31/2021.  Dejavoo is actively pursuing new 4G SIM plan options, however, we will continue to sell the current prepaid SIM cards on a prorated plan up until we have an alternate solution to provide and on existing renewals up until 12/31/2021.  If you choose to you may renew an existing SIM however, we recommend that you arrange replacement in advance of 12/21/2021.

The sunsetting of the 3G networks does not only impact the use of 3G SIMs, it will also impact legacy Dejavoo Z9 3G Terminals, these Z9 models can be identified as having a Serial Number that begins with 1179XX.. ,  this is because the wireless radio in the legacy Z9 models are also 3G and therefore will not be able to process over a wireless network after 12/31/2021. We urge that you plan accordingly to get your legacy Z9 merchants upgraded to the Z9 4G model and/or the Android QD2 4G model, to avoid service interruption.  Contact your Dejavoo Sales Executive for pricing and ordering.

We will continue to provide quality support in a frequently changing world of technology.  We value your business.


The Dejavoo Executive Team

Legacy Z9 3G serial number begins: 1179XX

Z9 4G serial number begins: 1125XX

Android QD2 4G certifications pending