Fee Options

Dejavoo Systems offers several different fee options to fit your specific needs.

Cash Discount
Custom Fee
Surcharge Fee
Merchant Fee

With an extensive and growing selection of fee options, Dejavoo is a leading provider of Payment Software Solutions that are versatile and reliable.

Fee Disclaimer

Cash Discount

Exclusive Patented Technology

Dejavoo’s Cash Discount Program has been in existence for 7+yrs and has answered hundreds of consumers’ compliance concerns successfully.

Key Tips

  • Pricing should be displayed as credit amount “Cash discount at checkout”
  • Prices should show in multiple places (menus, price sheets, by the register etc.)
  • Can’t discriminate fees between card brands or consumers!
  • No Bypass option- if fee is refused – cancel transaction)


  • Dejavoo is the Exclusive terminal provider
  • Cash Discount Given On Terminal
  • Cash Discounts Shown on Receipts
  • DeNovo Back Office extensive reporting
  • Detailed reporting- Fees, Tips, Tax’s etc.
  • Extensive understanding of Compliance
  • Strict following of Associations rules and states law
  • Simple. Clever. Compliant. Proven.
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Surcharge Fee

For Credit Only (No Hybrids)

  • A surcharge can only be applied to credit. If the card is a hybrid card (says debit on the card), the surcharge is not allowed and therefore will not be charged, even if the hybrid card is run as credit
  • Surcharge is regulated by the Card Associations
  • There are state specific restrictions
  • Configurable in STEAM settings for rate or flat fee per card type
  • Rate for surcharge will be configured per card brand: Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, etc.

Each card brand will have rates configurable for the following cases:

  • Swiped/Tapped
  • Manual Card-­‐Present (CP)
  • Manual Card-­‐Not-­‐Present (CNP)
  • Rate will be configured as a percentage of total transaction amount, or fixed fee
  • Disclaimer will appear on bottom of both receipt copies

Note: Back Office, revenue distribution, merchant saving is at the ISO’s discretion.

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Merchant Fee

PIN Debit only

  • A Merchant Fee can only be applied to PIN Debit transactions, if the card is a hybrid card and not run as a debit sale the merchant fee will not be applied
  • Merchant_Fee_Cashback_Only activates the merchant fee feature only when cash back is requested from the debit transaction
  • Configurable in STEAM settings for rate or flat fee
  • Configurable for all debit sale or only debit with cash back sales

Check out the robust reporting capability of DeNovo Cloud Systems >