Reduce costs, receive customer feedback and help the environment with GoGreen electronic receipts.

Digital receipts save over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 million gallons of water annually. Don’t wait, start using GoGreen digital receipts today!

Why Do You Need Go Green?

Avoid extra cost and hassle with GOGreen from Dejavoo, the program designed to change paper receipts to digital receipts. Digital receipts are quickly overtaking paper receipts as the go-to receipt method of choice, which is good news for both retailers and consumers. According to a GreenAmerica.org survey, a massive nine out of 10 consumers prefer digital receipts because they’re easier to store and use as a reference for later, as well as reducing environmental impact. Add to that, the contactless nature of digital receipts in a pandemic dominated world, and you have a winning solution!

Whether your business is considering a change for environmental, hygiene or financial purposes, digital receipts are the definite way forward for today’s savvy business owners.

The Benefits

  • save on the cost of purchasing ink and thermal receipt paper
  • make an eco-friendly choice that reduces environmental impact (think of all those trees and water!)
  • send receipts directly to your customers via SMS message, where they can store them on their mobile device (no more messy receipt papers)
  • promote contactless purchases with virus-free digital receipts

GOGreen is accessible through DeNovo, Dejavoo’s cutting-edge back office solution. Check out how you can implement GOGreen digital receipts, as well as DeNovo’s full suite of features.

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