Secure Payment Integration

Fast and simple EMV integration for Developers, Microsoft Integrators, Business Owners & ISO/Acquirers.

For Developers
For MS Integrators
For ISO/Acquirers
For Business Owners

Designed to facilitate a fast and simple EMV integration with 3rd party Payment Solutions such as Tablets, POS Systems, Restaurant Management Systems, PC’s, Kiosks, etc.

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Creating SPIn Proxy Connection

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The SPIn Solution

  • Lightning fast payment enabling integration with the POS Systems
  • SPIn Solution maintains PCI DSS compliance scope in Dejavoo Terminals
  • Enables POS System with a broad range of direct payment processing interfaces certified and maintained by Dejavoo.
  • Interfaces with DeNovo Services for transaction upload & reporting, customer service, digital receipt repository, risk management, email batch notifications and more.
  • Always keep the payment application current with the Auto-update feature.
  • SPIn allows access to the Dejavoo Terminal via the DeNovoTM DejaPay Wallet payment engine.
  • Available through USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth & 3G connections!


Cloud based automation & easy integration using XML web services message formatting.


Sensitive data handles within PCI/PTS certified environment.


Works with your current POS System. Browser based or “VPN” direct connect.

For Microsoft Integrators

Instant connection with virtually any Windows-based POS system in 2 minutes or less with no coding required!

This ready-to-go software can be installed on any POS running on Windows in just minutes, and absolutely no programming is required. Freedom QuickConnect runs in the background without interrupting existing POS software, all while capturing and sending transaction data (amount due), required by the Dejavoo processing terminals.


Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

  • Integration with POS systems
  • Finding EMV solutions for Legacy systems
  • High middleware cost when trying to board new merchants on your existing POS systems

Well, Freedom QuickConnect has a solution for you!

Freedom QuickConnect is the first, out-of-box software that connects Dejavoo terminals with virtually any Windows based POS system. After seeing processors struggle to integrate with POS systems we knew it was time to create something unique to take care of that problem.

If you are finding it a challenge to integrate your Dejavoo terminals with your POS system easily, download our software today. Freedom QuickConnect is an application that will sit above a current Windows based POS system, giving the feel that it is in fact only one system, rather than a separate application.  At the same time Freedom QuickConnect will not interrupt the flow of your current POS system. The application offers a series of functionalities that allows the user to perform actions that are required for card processing and it removes the need to do any manual entry on any external Dejavoo terminals.

For a demonstration visit:


  • Sale, Refund, Void
  • Batch Close & Reports
  • Print Receipts
  • Tip Adjust
  • Tokenization/Pay without card present
  • Denovo Merchant portal access directly from application
  • Split Payments
  • Partial Payments
  • Shift change reports
  • Cash Discount – optional

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows CE and other Embedded Windows (Coming Soon)

For ISOs / Acquirers

Cost effective PCI & EMV secure option to upgrade POS systems

We supply merchants with flexible payment solutions that boost revenue using our robust sales programs, easy referrals and exceptional support. Dejavoo offers full deployment services including remote key injection fulfilling your merchant needs in a one stop shop.

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Customer for life! I reached out to Lori from Dejavoo, with my problem; I have a POS developer that desperately needed an integrated EMV solution for his customer base. After reviewing the code, my ISV was able to quickly and easily develop the integration and we were able to deploy solutions to their customer base within 30 days. Also, no more waiting for file builds. Setting up the terminals is super easy, and we get to manage every feature to ensure our customers are getting exactly what they are looking for. Thanks Dejavoo!
Tom Cooley, GOCard Connect (ISO)
I’ve worked with many different pin pads interfacing either through their serial port or by messaging with middleware that handled communications with the pin pad and SPIn was by far the simplest to implement. I was able to get a transaction successfully processed on iOS and Android in the space of a few hours.
Sheldon Parkes, POS Software Developer