DeNovo Back Office

Information at Your Fingertips Anywhere You Can Access the Web.

DeNovo Back Office

Information at Your Fingertips Anywhere You Can Access the Web.

Back office data for Dejavoo terminals sorted for use by resellers and merchants on their computers and cellphones. Also the hosting data solution for DejaPayPro, Dejavoo’s cloud-based POS system for retailers, restaurants and schedule services store operation and inventory control.

Time is valuable – spend less time working and more time living. DeNovo brings you the greatest value of all, your time.

DeNovo Back Office


View individual transaction details anywhere you can access the web. Enjoying more free time was never easier!


Spending time on hold waiting for the helpdesk? Have a representative call you instead by sending a call me request through your Dejavoo payment device. View & Track “Call Me” events in DeNovo.


Dejavoo touchscreen devices for signature on the display, view, store, email and print signed receipts right from your DeNovo account in seconds. Take back your free time!


At Dinner? Away on Vacation? Just relaxing at home? No need to call in to confirm your daily settlement. Your Dejavoo payment device automatically sends you an email confirming your settlement and a summary of transactions. Login to your DeNovo account to view full batch and individual transaction data! So go ahead, order that dessert, let DeNovo do the work for you.


Back up and view your built in Loyalty Data to your DeNovo Account. Use stored loyalty information to direct market your customers! Marketing Made Easy!


Your Dejavoo Payment Device automatically downloads software updates, because you have better things to do with your time than manually update software. DeNovo will advise of latest updates.


Set Risk flags for real time notification of Risk Review. No more waiting 24hrs to release funds!


Order supplies right through your terminal with the touch of a button!


Communication down? Send a “Call Me” request message right from your iOS Mobile device or your computer and help is on the way!